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Wheel And Wings Your Trusted Travel Partner!
No.32, Pyithaungsu Road, Bahan T/S,
yangon, Myanmar

Member Since : June 2008
Customer Reviews : 1

Reviews for Wheel And Wings Your Trusted Travel Partner!
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Unlike other Tour Operators, 'Wheel & Wings' work on a very personalized level. They understand each ones requirements & customize their package accordingly. A fairly priced agent!

Though they have their offices in Myanmar, Singapore & India only, their network among the other destinations (they promote)is excellent!

They have the best team with excellent Tour Guides, Fantastic Drivers, Good conditioned Cars & to top them all their Director,who personally looks into each and every detail, leaving no room for complains.

Thanks Neha for a wonderful trip. We had a great time.

And Quote-Unquote: Wheel And Wings, indeed is the most Trusted Travel Partner, we have come across.