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Memphis Tours Egypt
1st korah Ibn Sherik, Mourad St. Giza, Egypt.
giza, Egypt

Member Since : January 2009
Customer Reviews : 28

Reviews for Memphis Tours Egypt
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Hello Amira, Thank you for all. It was a wonderful stay in Kairo, best organization of you. Your equipe is very nice, courteous and friendly. We enjoyed our trip and your tour very much. It was professional and we had fun. Here are some photos. Take care. Best greetings from Barbara and Vera

Hi Ahmed,
Firstly thank you very much for organising an excellent tour. My husband and I give you and your company excellent ratings for website, accuracy, response, airport representatives (Mario), punctuality, language fluency, transportation, drivers, accommodation and the 2 egyptologists that we had. The cruise boat was also excellent. We have other friends who are interested in Egypt and I would recommend your company to them. I found you through www.responsibletravel.com which is an excellent website when researching holidays.
I only have one complaint. The Egyptologist that we had from Aswan to Luxor was very good indeed. However he left us no choice with the tipping. I know the tipping is optional and only if the service was good. We don?t mind tipping, but to be told to tip was unsatisfactory.
So thanks again for a wonderful holiday.
Vanessa and Jason

Dear all,
I would like just to let you the excellent job done by Iman Mohamed regarding the organization of a cruise by the Nile River for 4 people coming from Spain.
In every moment I have received quick answers with detailed information and everything has been solved perfectly.
Thank you all and congratulations to Iman
Best Regards
Mar?a Carrillo

Hi Fatma,
I'm just writing to say a big Thank You for all your hard work, My Holiday was wonderful, both Guides were excellent, and I felt like a VIP. Both Hotel in Giza and Nile Boat Farida were exceptional. My last day 15th March was my Birthday, and I caught up with friends, who gave me a fantastic time !!
Very Best Wishes

United Kingdom

Memphis Tours Egypt is friendly, helpful, flexible, knowledgeable and energetic. Good map of route would be nice. Additional information packs for places visited.
21 Feb 2009

Paul's comment in the 14th of March after going back to England:
Hi Ahmed,
Hope you're well - and thanks again for showing us all the interesting bits of the desert we never would have seen without you!
I've been back in England for a week but went straight back to work so haven't managed to unpack or recover yet :)
Arriving back to the rain and cold was a bit of a shock to the system!
I've starting trawling through my hundreds of photos but it's going to take me a few weeks to weed out the good ones, I'll send you the best ones when I'm done.
A friend from work (a mad Polish lady called Magda :) has just gone to Egypt for ten days but she hadn't planned any trips, so I recommended you and gave her your Memphis Tours email, you might get an email from her...
Hope you're keeping busy,
Paul Blampied
United Kingdom

Memphis Tours Egypt is excellent. We had a memorable vacation. Staff was courteous. Cairo map with hotel & all attractions marked on map can be provided to us. Website is excellent and there is a great accuracy of the information. Accommodation was outstanding and transportation was excellent.
Amit Gupta

Thank you for a wonderful tour of Egypt! You have been the perfect guide. You are so knowledgeable about all of the sites and all of the history, our first day with you we knew that you were perfect for us.
The tour of the pyramids at Giza was really impressive and your recommendations of things to see and do were the best. We loved the camel ride and you gave us the perfect amount of free time. The then part of the day at Memphis and Saqqara was so informative, we learned so much from you. We were lucky to have you to tell us all of the history and to tell us what things we didn't need to bother with!
Today our tour of the museum and churches/mosques was equally as good. We were happy to see your smiling face again this morning and we had looked forward to your being the one to give us the tour of the museum. We knew we would get a morning of information a as good as watching the discovery channel!
You are so knowledgeable; you could answer all of our questions and have such a good way of making everything interesting. You are honest with your answers and you take much time to make sure that we all understand. You were pleased to tell us all about your culture and your country. By the time we are leaving today we feel like you are our good friend. We would love for you to come to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit us in our home anytime!
Rehab, we could not have asked for a better guide. You have helped to make our trip to Cairo fabulous. You are the perfect happy personality to be a tour leader and will recommend you to all of our friends!
Lynn Ashton

Ahmed Hasan,
Just a note to let you know that my family had the most memorable vacation of their life. Thanks to your people, Hasan, Hasan (the driver) and Rehab. Memphis Tours is truely a tour company that can be trusted to exceed the expections of the client.
Thank you so much,
Joe Ashton

Dear Radwa,
I had a fabulous time in Egypt. I enjoyed every day and all the places that I visited in Egypt. It was awesome to see the Pyramids and go inside and visit the ancient temples and tombs. It was fascinating to find out making mummies, the stories about Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt. Our guides were very good. They gave me answers to all the questions that I had and very accommodative.
Only thing was that I wish that our Nile cruise boat was better.
The crew were very nice, but the food was average and the room was O.K.
Even though we upgraded out room to the suite with a balcony, we could not really enjoy the view. Because the few boats were docked together, so our view from the balcony was the room of the next boat and smelled fume.
Also I would have preferred more upscale dinner cruise on Nile at the last night of our trip.
But over all, I am very happy about the trip and I appreciate that you and your staff worked hard to try to meet our needs.
I would like to thank our tour leader, Mohsen for his help, too.
All the best,
Kei Benoit


Dear AZIZ ,
We are very happy regarding your tour program. We went to Europe tour in 2005 through SOTC, definitely we can rate Memphis tours as best, as it has given best services to us.
We enjoyed a Lot, Especially care taken by your tour coordinators Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Mr. Magdis( Luxor coordinator )and Aswan tour coordinator.
We cannot rate who is the best but all are best coordinators and gave us excellent cooperation and support to complete our tour. One of the guides Mr.Nube ( Aswan tour guide) was very good as he explained each and every point in Aswan with clear understandable English to each one of us . And second guide is Mr. Nabeil( Cairo tour guide ). Luxor tour guide was ok but his English is not much understandable.
In future We will recommend our friends to your Memphis tours.
Guttula Satyanarayana

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