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Classic Holidays India Pvt. Ltd.
6/13, Barah Bhai Street, Strand Road.
agra, India

Member Since : July 2009
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Josef Lauinger, Brisbane, Australia!
We booked a 30 day trip of southern India with Classic Holidays India Pvt. Ltd., through the internet. The director Vikas Agarwal was very helpful. We booked a car, driver and escort, which was Mr Argawal. When we arrived at Chennai Airport he and driver were waiting for us.The trip was very well planned and organised. We booked an econmic trip with 3* hotels which were very good, once we had a bridal suite. It was quite hot, but with airconditioned car and hotelrooms it was OK. There was always plenty of drinkingwater in the car. We went down the eastcoast to the tip,then the highlands to Munar, tea growing, Ooty(coffee), Bandipur national park, unfortunatly we didn't see a tiger, you got to be lucky.We visited several heritage listed temples and finished in Goa, which is a popular tourist destination. The tour was very good and interesting and would recomend it to anyone. I am 76 and the wife 78 and the tour wasn't strenious. We congratulate Mr Aggarwal for the success.


Mr & Mrs Brad Armel, Lafayette, Louisiana USA
I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for making my honeymoon the most exotic memories that my husband and I will share for the rest of our lives! When Brad proposed to me, I took over planning our wedding. But I wanted him to have some say in what we did for our honeymoon. I knew he had always wanted to go to India, so when he said he'd like to travel there for our honeymoon, I really didn't want to visit ancient sites or villages. I wanted an exotic honeymoon along a gorgeous beach that would ooze romance and create once-in-a-lifetime memories!
Brad was so thrilled when he came over one night and showed me the information he found on your web site about the trip to Kerala beaches. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know that India had such beautiful pristine beaches and crystal clear waters! So we booked the trip.
When we arrived in Kerala, we were overwhelmed by the beach, the palm trees, and the exotic scent of the flowers that filled the air! It was like paradise, untouched and hardly any tourists there crowding the beaches. And our room at the Kovalam Beach Hotel was world-class. Not only did we have a private suite but it came with full service which we hadn't expected.
We found plenty of alone time, but we also had fun with all of the sports activities that was included as part of our package! We even found time to visit some of the local markets, taste some of the tastiest meals we've ever eaten, and enjoy some of the beautiful countryside of India.
We came home with lots of photos?.but most of all, memories that we'll always cherish as we started our lives together as Mr and Mrs. Thank you so much!!!

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Dawn Hunt, Freehold, New Jersey USA

Ten years ago I started practicing yoga, and fell in love with it. Then I became a yoga instructor. After studying and teaching yoga for a while, I knew in my heart that I had to get to India some time to learn from the yogis. Not only would that help me grow, but I could bring back more knowledge and experience that I could share with my students.

I contacted Classic Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. when I discovered they offered tours that focused on yoga and meditation studies. They helped me select the perfect trip, and customized it for the group that included me and other yoga instructors who wanted to learn new techniques from the yogis like I did. Your team of experts selected the Yoga and Meditation Holiday to Rishkesh. From the minute we got off the plane in Delhi, we knew we were in for an exciting time. It was fun to have time to explore Delhi and stand (in awe!) at the Taj Mahal. (Now I have a photo of me with the Taj behind me?.I don't have to dream of being there, I've BEEN there!) Then we got to see India's countryside as we took the Express Shatabdi train in Haridwar. Off we were swept to visit the yoga and meditation centers in the world-famous Rishikesh.

Until we boarded the train back to Delhi, we had almost six days of meditation and yoga, which was held at some of the oldest Ashrams in the world! We also had a chance to visit some of the local historical sites and temples, and take a few side tours.

I not only had new techniques to share with my students when I got home, but I was renewed mentally, physically, and most important, spiritually. Thank you Classic Holidays India!