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Explore Eritrea Travel and Tours Agency
Adihawsha - 175 St. No. 11, PO Box: 2061
asmara, Eritrea

Member Since : October 2009
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Country: Germany

From: Dr. J. Fleischhauer, Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 6:49 PM

In October 2009, six members of our German group who support projects of Eritrea basic education enjoyed a visit in Eritrea that was organized and guided by Explore Eritrea Travel and Tours Agency. The touristic part of our program included:

* Asmara as a lively city with a highly interesting Italian-style architecture;
* Visits to the national park of Filfil, and the archeological sites of Metera and Kohaito;
* Tours to the towns of Keren, Hagaz, Massawa, Dekemh, and Senafe;
* An overnight camping adventure at Dessie Island with opportunities of swimming and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

Here is what we enjoyed especially:

* Thanks to the communicative skills of our guide Solomon, we always felt very secure and well informed about the course of events without knowing the local languages. Numerous contacts with Eritreans were handled in a friendly and productive way, avoiding intercultural misunderstandings.

* Transportation by bus as well as by boat made us feel comfortable. Our bus-driver, Woldu, managed even difficult parts of the road in a highly competent and reliable way.

* The preparation of fresh, delicate food prepared according to individual wishes was a highlight.

* The Sunshine Hotel in Asmara and Sarina Hotel in Keren were good and sufficient quality respectively.

* We appreciated the highly flexible organization according to specific requirements of group members; it enabled us to integrate contacts with pedagogic partners into the touristic program.

* We will never forget the magnificent scenery of Eritrean mountain ranges, nor spending the warm night at Dessie Island under the stars of an African sky.

The friendly and helpful guided tour left us a very positive experience with a widely unknown country and its remarkable population.

On behalf of the travel group:

Dr. J. Fleischhauer
Email: j-fleischhauer@gmx.de