A Green Gem

Located in the Middle Atlas mountains, Ifrane is an oasis of coolness and greenery. Lakes, fountains the feeling of being away from it all is complete, surprising and rejuvenating.

Pure air
From the moment you arrive in Ifrane, there is an overriding feeling of freshness. Wide avenues, parks, European-style villas here you will discover a little-known side of North Africa. There is an abundance of springs and lakes in this region at the heart of a dense cedar forest. The sloped-roof chalets are astonishingly reminiscent of Switzerland. This makes for an infinitely enjoyable break. On the Azrou road to the south-east, a large number of dormant volcanoes make up the countryside around Ito, a rocky landscape which reminds many people at dusk of

Lunar craters.
The Vittel spring and its waterfalls are an ideal walking destination. Follow the river a few hundred meters and come to the forest of maples and poplars through which the spring flows. In the summer, short trips on horseback are offered to the waterfalls.

Blue mausoleum
A few kilometers along the Mekns road, you will come to the mausoleum of a marabout, a religious man from the 16th century, Sidi Abdesslam. Covered in blue zelliges mosaics, the mausoleum is an important place of pilgrimage, tucked away in a valley covered in cypress and olive trees. A little higher up than the village, several dozen ancient troglodytic dwellings are still used as stables or storage areas.