A Mexico Vacation As You Wish!

What is it that you want out of your Mexican vacation? Are you looking to relax? To learn about ancient cultures? To party? To have such an action-packed vacation that you’ll need a couple days to recoup when you return home? Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to enjoy your ideal Mexican vacation if you choose to vacation on Mexico’s Pacific coast!

“Where should I go when I visit Mexico’s Pacific coast?” you say. Glad you asked!

The Mexican Pacific coast has so many great locations. There’s Mazatlán, Cabo San Lucas, Puerta Vallarta, Ixtapa and, of course, Acapulco! All of the locations have beautiful beaches and you’re bound to find great umbrella drinks at all those places too but there’s so much more to each of these Mexican vacation destinations. Here’s a look at just some of the things you might consider doing:

Cabo San Lucas
New resorts keep popping up in Cabo San Lucas but the town still maintains it’s old world charm. Those looking for fine dining, boating and clear, calm waters for taking a dip in the ocean or boating will love Cabo San Lucas. This area of Mexico’s Pacific coast is a well-kept secret so it’s not overcrowded with tourists…yet. It’s a great place to visit and if you’re thinking about a Mexican vacation rental, Cabo San Lucas is a prime location. For a Mexican vacation more heavily trafficked by tourists though, head towards San Jose el Cabo. You’ll find plenty of resorts and much more tourist action.

If you decide you want a Mexican vacation that’s “out of the ordinary,” Mazatlán is the perfect place to visit. Mazatlán has premium golf courses and some of the best ecotourism attractions on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to give fishing a try—and have the odds in your favor of being successful in catching something—Mazatlán is where you want to be; the city is situated right where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean connect so it’s a natural basin where Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, and more are plentiful.

What’s unique about Ixtapa is that it’s a Mexican vacation that will make you feel like you’ve actually gotten away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are luxurious hotels where you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and can be pampered to the hilt but there are also cozy inns that are designed to make you feel like you’re comfortably tucked away in paradise. It’s a slower pace than some of the other popular Mexican vacation rental locations. Very serene. You can, of course, enjoy the beach but there is also great golfing, excellent gourmet dining, and some of the best diving on the Mexican Riviera. The nearby fishing village of Zihuatanejo and the low-key beaches of Troncones are great places to visit if you decide to explore beyond the city limits of Ixtapa.

In a way, there are two Acapulcos. There is a lively side and a tranquil side of the popular Mexican vacation destination. The tranquil part of the city happens inside the walls of the resorts. The beaches are beautiful, parasailing and banana boat rides are a blast, and the shows and events (which most resorts put on for their guests) are highly entertaining. You could spend your entire Mexican vacation at your resort and have a wonderful time but on the days you’re in the mood for a taste of urban Mexico, just venture outside of the resort. That city moves! Restaurants, discos, and duty-free shops line the streets and are in walking distance; a little dinero for a cab ride will get you to and from a number of wild adventure tours. There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in Acapulco.

As you can see, there’s plenty of fun in the sun to be had no matter where you go on Mexico’s Pacific coast. So, have you decided where you want to go yet? If not, don’t worry. Just plan four trips! Each of the locations above has great resorts for which you can find great vacation packages but you should also consider checking into Mexican vacation rentals in the different areas. A number of the Mexico vacation rental companies offer exceptional deals year round—even during the peak seasons when other places are increasing rates by 25% or more.