A unique event in Abu Simbel

The festival of Abu Simbel, in February, is a fabulous period for those who can visit Abu Simbel and luckily admire in the meantime the incredible sunrise over the temple.

Abu Simbel is a splendid temple built on a strict east – west axis so that the morning sun actually goes through the heart of the temple for 60 meters to reach the innermost sanctuary at dawn, illuminating the statues of Amon, Ramses II and Ra-Horakhty twice a year on Oct. 22nd
and Feb. 22nd.

This phenomenon is known as the “Perpendicular of the Sun on Abu Simbel”. It lasts for about 20 minutes . Outside the site, the magic will last for a fair and music demonstration.

It is a unique phenomenon of the Temple that shows the architectural creativity of the ancient Egyptian architects, who wished to show and ensure the relationship between the temple and the Sun.

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