Abeche is in the east of Chad, some 750 km from Ndjamena. When the French arrived in Chad, Abeche was the most important urban centre of the country with a population of almost 30,000 inhabitants. It was the centre of the powerful Ouaday Kingdom and today you still find many crumbling signs of its former glory. There are a few old mosques, cobbled streets, souqs and a very rundown Sultan’s palace. The place is especially exiting because there are nomads all over the place that look like they come straight from a coffee table book.
Abeche has a few options for accommodation and food, none of which are particularly exciting.

Ouara is a few kilometers away and nice to visit. there is a mosque and a sultan’s tomb. If you are brave you might continue all the way to Adre on the border with Sudan. Apparently it is possible to cross into Sudan, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing this. If you have, please let us know!