Abruzzo National Park

A visit to The Abruzzo National Park, its scenery and environment changing from season to season, is always an enjoyable experience. Thanks to the temperate climate, it is possible to visit the Park all year round.

It is advisable, however, to avoid holiday periods, when the Park is usually crowded: spring and the beginning of summer are preferable, when nature reawakens with its blossoming and birdsong; or autumn, when the forests are clothed in rich warm colours. During these periods, besides a more peaceful atmosphere, you can count on a better service from the Park authorities.

It is advisable to book your visit well in advance, consulting the Area Offices of the Park for the use of refuges, camp sites and specific information on the environment.

Whichever period you choose for your holiday in the Park, you will need equipment suitable for medium to high mountains, besides a camera, binoculars, a map of the protected area and a pair of hiking boots for long walks.

Entrance to the Park is free. For groups of more than twenty people, it is advisable to notify the relevant Area Office in good time, which will also ensure better assistance.