Activities in New Caledonia

The sheltered waters from Noumea to Prony Bay and the Isle of Pines are a prime cruising area and yacht charters are very popular here. Windsurfers ply the waters off Noumea’s Anse Vata and the Isle of Pines’s Kuto Bay. The Isle of Pines is also ideal for sea kayaking, and both canoeing and kayaking are offered on the Nera River at Bourail.

Several companies offer scuba diving, but it’s also possible to rent tanks and head off on your own. There are few places to snorkel on Grande Terre, where you really do need a boat to get out to the barrier reef. To see coral from shore, you must go to the Loyalty Islands or the Isle of Pines.

Horseback riding is the favorite terrestrial recreational activity among the local French and several well established ranches are near Kone. There are numerous hiking opportunities around these large islands. The best-known long-distance hike is across the mountains from the Hienghène valley to Voh.

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