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Beijing 5 Days Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $432/- USD per person

Shanghai 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $468/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $264/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Romantic Cambodia
Duration 18 days - Price start from $3442/- USD per person

14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
Duration 14 days - Price start from $904/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $313/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $349/- USD per person

Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Wildlife in Taiwan Explore the Exotic
Wildlife in Taiwan Explore the Exotic The 6 national parks in Taiwan are: Kenting National Park , Shei-Pa National Park, Kinmen National Park , Yangmingshan National Park ,Yushan National Park ,Taroko National Park. Explore the exotic Wildlife in Taiwan by visiting the national parks in Taiwan. Get to know more about Wildlife in Taiwan through Taiwan Travel Guide. National Parks in Taiwan Taiwan houses 6 national parks and 8 wildlife refuges. Besides there are 42 nature and forest reserves in Taiwan. The island country of Taiwan has three climatic zones and diverse topographical features which sustain a wide array of exotic flora and fauna. The island is home to 60 species of mammals, 90 various species of reptiles, 500 species of birds, 30 amphib...
When to go to Costa Rica
When to go to Costa Rica Much of what attracts travelers and creates much of Costa Rica tourism are the natural wonders of this relatively safe country. It is safe and easy to travel here so this stable and peaceful country is beginning to enjoy the fruits of outside visitors. Tourism in Costa Rica is a rapidly growing industry that encompasses nature tours, surfing, deep-sea fishing and the ever-popular Costa Rica river-rafting. With no less than 12 microclimates, knowing what areas of the country you'd like to see and knowing about Coast Rica weather when you visit will help you decide when to go. Costa Rica climate in the humid lowlands is consistently in the upper 80s, while the capitol of San Jose, in the center of the country sees a ...
Wedding in Cambodia
Wedding in Cambodia Khmer Wedding In Khmer wedding, it has a lot of ceremonies held in chronological orders. They show the historical roots related to the Buddha's period which existed ages ago. According to a book Khmer Wedding Rules of Oknha Nov, it puts that in ancient Khmer wedding laws, people perform a song describing God Vesandor Borom Pothisat arranging the marriage between his children - Chealy and Kroesna. And some other songs are about the marriage arrangement of God Ream and Seda. According to the king's book, it puts that all ceremonies in Khmer wedding are related to mythical stories such as a story “Som Sla Kanseng”. It is told that there were two men who went to feed their buffalos in the field would like to ma...
Sightseeing in Canada
Sightseeing in Canada If you want to go for sightseeing in Canada you can visit quite a number of tourist attractions in Canada which are some of the most fascinating sights in this country that are sure to transport you to a different world. You can explore the natural beauty and various other historical sites while sightseeing in Canada. Canada is a fascinating country which is known for its liveliness. It is also known for its picturesque landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. Each of the Canadian provinces promotes their own tourism industry and operates various regional tours in order to draw more international travelers. Every year a lot of tourists flock in to these Canadian provinces to travel around in this part of the world a...
Amusement Parks in Japan
Amusement Parks in Japan Some of the major Amusement Parks in Japan are Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Summerland and Yomuriland. There is no dearth of entertainment options in Japan and one of the popular modes of entertainment in Japan is its amusement parks. The Amusement Parks in Japan are countless; there are many avant-garde fun parks in the country that boasts of all the latest rides and other entertainment options. Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the premier amusement parks of Tokyo and Japan. This theme park boasts of seven theme ports, all of which offers sheer excitement and recreates the myths and legends of the sea. The fun park comprises of many theme ports like Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Arabian Coast, Mermai...
Music and Dance in Hong Kong
Music and Dance in Hong Kong You can clearly see the Buddhist culture in the music and dance in Hong Kong. Music and dance is an integral part of lifestyle of the people. The people living in the region believe in preserving their cultural heritage and hence they give a lot of importance to music and dance in Hong Kong. At many occasions such as weddings and other festive celebrations Hong Kong music and dance are play an important role in celebrations and preparations. Many folk singers and dancers perform during special ceremonies. Many companies such as City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra are known for their electric performance. These companies have taken Hong Kong music and dance to variou...
Attraction of Moldova
Attraction of Moldova The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is the oldest museum in Moldova. It is located in Chisinau, the capital of the country. It was founded in October 1889 by initiative of Baron A. Stuart. At the beginning it was museum of agriculture and was situated in another building. The name of museum has changed for several times however the main idea – research of nature and culture of Bessarabia – had never changed. The building of museum was constructed in 1903-1905 by the project of architect V. Taganco. This is the building the museum is situated in till present day. Nowadays the museum is an important scientific and cultural center of Bessarabia which is also known abroad. The museum is d...
Adventure Tours in Canada
Adventure Tours in Canada Adventure Tours in Canada will take you to Canada's blank spaces or those areas whose seclusion alone makes them special. The Adventure Tours in Canada are designed to acquaint the travelers with the lesser known facet of Canada. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to discover something extraordinary about the places you travel to then these Adventure Excursions in Canada is just what you are looking for. Sports and Adventure Trips in Canada take you on an exhilarating journey through this country that boasts of panoramic landscapes, exotic wildlife and a rich cosmopolitan culture. There are many tour operators and travel agents in Canada that offer a wide range of exciting getaway packages to choose from. ...
Christmas in Morocco
Christmas in Morocco Christmas in Morocco is limited to about 100,000 adherents. These are the people of French descent who are present since the colonial times or else some are immigrants. Christianity is the second largest religion in Morocco after Islam. The actual figures of Christians are uncertain as the expatriates are not included in the statistics. Christmas in Morocco is a great time to visit the country. Christmas in Morocco means the clergy in the churches perform rituals for the benefits of the members of the members. In some cases, a member attends the churches as well as cathedrals to perform the rituals. But some everyday rituals are performed daily for those who are not present. Many of the Orthodox Christian groups...
Trekking in Argentina
Trekking in Argentina Argentina is a country that is full of natural beauties, dominated by a wide range of flora and fauna. If you are someone who likes to stay away from the hustles of the busy city life without compromising on the thrill of life, trekking is the way to go for you. Trekking in Argentina is one of the favorite activities that tourists and nature lovers indulge themselves in. Get out for a trip down the old country sides, walk through the rural areas that are yet to be explored and experience the wilderness of the mystic Argentinean nature. An Argentina trekking trip is sure to rejuvenate your body and soul. Learn more about the food, equipment and other facets of trekking before you get out on an Argentina trekkin...