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Beijing 5 Days Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $432/- USD per person

Shanghai 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $468/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $264/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Romantic Cambodia
Duration 18 days - Price start from $3442/- USD per person

14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
Duration 14 days - Price start from $904/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $313/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $349/- USD per person

Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Festivals in Spain
Festivals in Spain La Tomatina - Valencia Tomato Fight Festival August. Bunol. Valencia. Every year around 30,00 people descend on the Spanish town of Bunol (in the Valencia region of Spain) to throw more than 240,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other as part of the La Tomatina festival. Tamborrada de San Sebastian/The San Sebastian Drum Festival. January. San Sebastian, Basque Country. A march to the deafening sounds of drums, as groups of drummers parade through the city on the night of the first day of the year. The next morning, the Tamborrada Infantil (Child Drummer's Ceremony) is celebrated. La Endiablada/The Disguised Devils February. Cuenca, Castilla y La Mancha. People of this village celebrate disguised as devils in thi...
Berlin Zoo in Germany
Berlin Zoo in Germany The Berlin Zoo, Germany boasts of being one of the favorite haunts of animal lovers, leisure travelers, and zoologists and conservationists of Europe. This zoo is home to a phenomenal number of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. All visitors are guaranteed a royal entry to the Berlin Zoo, Germany through its ornately carved elephant or lion gates. Currently, there are some fourteen thousand animals living in the Berlin Zoo, Germany, one of the prime Germany Zoological Parks. The Berlin Zoo, Germany has a unique and remarkable history. It was founded in the year 1844 and housed animals bestowed on it by the then monarch of Prussia. Though the Berlin Zoo, Germany grew in size and the number of animals it contained ...
New Year in Poland
New Year in Poland Fun, frolic and fervor mark the New Year in Poland. Poland is one of the most vibrant countries in the central Europe. The country is blessed with unique charm of the old cities, serene and beautiful natural sceneries, captivating landscapes, lush green natural parks. The natives of the country are enthusiastic and fun loving. New Year in Poland is one of the most awaited events and it is celebrated traditionally. During the New Year, Poland becomes one of the major destinations for the tourists. The New Year in Poland provides an opportunity to feel the ethnicity and explore the liveliness that the country has to offer. The 1st day of the year is celebrated throughout the country, but the capital city of Warsaw i...
World Heritage Sites in Morocco
World Heritage Sites in Morocco Morocco, a well-known country of North Africa, has several of attractions for travelers from all over the world. The sightseeing places include several World Heritage Sites in Morocco. UNESCO has declared various places of Morocco as heritage sties. So, while you take a trip to Morocco, you can visit the various World Heritage Sites in Morocco. Aït Benhaddou- Of all World Heritage Sites in Morocco, Aït Benhaddou is the most famous one. It is described as the 'fortified city' and known as ksar all along the caravan route in between the Sahara and Marrakech. This site is located in the Souss-Massa-Draâ on a hill down the Ouarzazate River. It boasts of some stunning examples of Kasbahs. The old houses, monuments, a...
Culture of UAE
Culture of UAE The deep rooted Islamic Culture of UAE has helped it to maintain a strong bond with the rest of the Arab world. UAE government is very careful about preservation UAE Culture and Tradition. The first step regarding this is the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation. The rich cultural heritage of the Emirates has always attracted tourists from all over the world. Most of the citizens are Muslims in UAE and Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Persi and Buddhist comprise the rest. With Muslim majority Culture of UAE is enriched with Islamic heritage and tradition. Despite the predominance of Islamic culture you will find there Hindu Temples and Sikh Gurdwara. Christian churches are also present in UAE. Cosmopolitan atmo...
Geography of Turks and Caicos
Geography of Turks and Caicos The two island groups are in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Bahamas, north of Hispaniola, and 914 kilometres (494 nmi) from Miami in the United States. The territory is geographically contiguous to the Bahamas, but is politically a separate entity. The Caicos Islands are separated by the Caicos Passage from the closest Bahamian islands, Mayaguana and Great Inagua. The eight main islands and more than 20 smaller islands have a total land area of 616.3 square kilometres (238.0 sq mi), primarily of low, flat limestone with extensive marshes and mangrove swamps and 370 kilometres (230 mi) of beach front. The weather is usually sunny and relatively dry, but suffers frequent hurricanes. The islands have limited...
Bo Sang Umbrella and Sankampheng Handicrafts Festival
Bo Sang Umbrella and Sankampheng Handicrafts Festival Bo Sang near Chiang Mai is renowned for its exquisitely hand-painted parasols made from mulberry paper and silk. The dainty parasols are decorated with beautiful floral motifs painted in dazzling colours. The designs are very distinctive and are instantly recognizable. During the festival, brightly decorated craft shops and stores line both sides of the 'high street' transforming Ban Bo Sang into a picturesque village decorated in the Lanna Thai style. Colourful umbrellas and traditional lanterns liven up the handicraft fair. In addition, there are contests, exhibitions, cultural performances, local entertainment, and a variety of shows by day and night. There is a grand procession of parasols and local pr...
Religion in Macau It is Diverce
Religion in Macau It is Diverce Religion in Macau is diverse: there is no state religion; the freedom of religion and belief is protected by Macau's constitutional document the Macau Basic Law. Roman Catholic was the state religion of the Portuguese government in Macau until the handover on December 20, 1999. The Macau government practices freedom of religion and respects the rights of the people in Macau. Based of 3:34 of the Basic Law, The people in Macau have the freedom of belief; People in Macau have the freedom of religion and they can preach, hold or participate in the activities of religion. Also, in the 3:120, The Macao Special Administrative Region base on the principle of the freedom of religion and belief, the government does not interv...
Cultural Festivals in Canada
Cultural Festivals in Canada Every year, volunteers across Canada spend thousands of hours preparing for festivals that celebrate their heritage. Why do they do it? Organizers from the Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana), Canada's National Ukrainian Festival, and the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba tell their stories. The First Caribana Caribana is one of Canada's biggest multicultural festivals, annually attracting more than a million participants. The festival began 40 years ago. Caribana was inspired by the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, celebrated two days before Ash Wednesday in February. “The Mardi Gras festival (carnival) was taken over by slaves on emancipation as a parody of the elite,” explains Cox, who established the Black...
Swedish Culture
Swedish Culture It is undoubtedly through the export of its culture that Sweden has had its greatest impact upon the world. From the strong, clean design sensibility of its Functionalist movement to the immaculate cinematic masterpieces of Ingmar Bergman, the unique cultural outlook of Sweden has gained an international currency that far exceeds what one might expect from this modestly-sized nation. One source of this unusual cultural strength, paradoxically enough, has been Sweden's historic position at the margins of Europe. Relatively isolated from the main currents of continental European cultural change, many of Sweden's artistic traditions developed their own rich and distinctive character. Drawing inspiration from folk culture...