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Luxury Exclusive Wildlife Experience
Duration 10 days - Price start from $4500/- USD per person

10 Day Camping Tour
Duration 10 days - Price start from $2500/- USD per person

Etosha National Park  Wildlife Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $1250/- USD per person

Luxury Fly In Safari: Central / Northern Namibia
Duration 12 days - Price start from $9400/- USD per person

Bushmen And Wildlife Excursion
Duration 3 days - Price start from $920/- USD per person

Namib Desert And West Coast Tour
Duration 7 days - Price start from $2340/- USD per person

Adventure Travel to Africa - Your Trip of Namibia Go Back
If you are tired of the same old tourist traps and the usual mind numbing summer destinations, then maybe you are long overdue for a unique African holiday. Africa, the mysterious land of rich history is so much more than just a destination. Africa is an adventure in itself.

Ecotourism is being pushed as a reliable and sustainable industry for developing countries in Africa. As an eco tourist, not only would you be contributing to the sustainability of biodiversity of the area, but also help local communities augment their income and develop a dynamic economic trade. Save the world? You bet. And you get to pick up a few life lessons along the way.

Have you ever considered backpacking through Africa? Come on, you know you wanna! It will make you one with nature and hopefully teach you valuable life lesson and personal insights. How on God's earth, are you going to find inspiration from shriveling up from dehydration in the middle of the desert, you ask? Lesson number one: bring water. Lesson number two: if you had just taken a step out of that cozy little box you call your life, then perhaps you would have known that there is more to Africa than just being a desert.

Plettenberg Bay in South Africa is a wonderful place to start. Here, you can go whale watching either from land or from boat trips. Vantage points on the city itself can provide a stunning view of whales and dolphins either passing by, or playfully showing off or just plain horsing around in the water. They may leap out of the water, or call out to each other. Their grunting can be heard especially at night, when calm has descended over the city. Who knew that Africa had more to offer than the usual lions and giraffes? Its time you travel to South Africa.

Take a guided walk along the coast and learn about the endangered African Black Oystercatcher and its habitat. From here you can easily see whales and dolphins playing just beyond the waves. The experience is just magical. Indulge in all you can eat seafood during the whole duration of 5 days, as well as snorkel and coastal hikes along the way. All the while be educated in the importance of environmental conservation and how man can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and the world's tallest free standing mountain. Located in Tanzania, it is one of the most popular scenic spots in Africa. Experience the thrill of trekking the routes while witnessing huge glaciers flow from the summit and seeing spectacular ice formations. It is like nothing you have ever experienced anywhere else in the world when you travel to Tanzania.

Follow the bushman trail at Kruger National Park. See pre historic rock art left by ancestral native tribes and tour archeological sites rich with history and story. Guided walks through granite hills and close contacts with white rhino herds and other wilderness game during the 5 day trek are guaranteed to leave you awe inspired. Campfire dinners are the norm here, as well as rustic accommodations and occasional tent camping. You will not regret experiencing a walking safari.

In Malawi, go on a soothing 4 day sailing on Lake Malawi's unsoiled waters. Land locked Malawi is home to Africa's largest fresh water lake. Teeming with over 800 species of fish, it is one of UNESCO's world heritage site. Aside from its golden lakeside beaches, Malawi also boasts of a spectacular bird sanctuary and giant butterflies. The mountain ranges provide a home to the hundreds of kinds of orchids in the area, as well as wild life in the nine wildlife park reserves.

Go on safari to Botswana and visit the world's largest saltpan. Mostly covered by the Kalahari Desert, Botswana is no stranger to wildlife. During summer rains, the saltpans fill with just enough water to attract a mass migration of antelope and the ensuing lions and other predators, as well as a flock of colorful flamingoes and other bird life dependent on the rainwater on the saltpan.

For the fearless adventurer, nothing beats hot air ballooning over the world's highest sand dunes in Namibia. Go sand boarding or quad biking in the sand dunes on the Namib Desert and perhaps parachute on a static line and get a feel as well as a bird's eye view of the beauty the Namibia has to offer.

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