Adamawa Region

Ngaoundere : Founded around 1830 by the Foulbe conquerors on the Mboum village area called Delbe, Ngaoundere is the headquarters of a great Foulbe Lamidat that bears its name. This Lamidat was founded in 1835 by Ardo Ndjobdi. The town has a fresh and pleasant climate of the the Sudanese and tropical types. Abundant rains fall from April to October with a maximum in August. The dry season lasts 5 months ; from December to March.

Touristics sites
Ngaoundere :

Ngaoundere Market
Tyson lake
Wakwa ranch
Ngaoundere ranch with its crater lakes
The Vina falls
The Tello falls
The Mbalang lake
Tibati :

Dam and fishermens villages
Hossere caves of Tchoubal
The Ngaoundal Mountain at 1 km from Ngaoundal
Mbella Assom lakes at 59 kms from Tibati
Banyo and its Surroundings : Butterflies reserves of San Balabo situated at about 20 kms from Banyo
Lamidat of Banyo
Mayo Darle cliff
Somie lake
Mape dam and its fishermen’s village
Tignere :

Caves of Nyem Nyem
Thermal spring of Woulde
Lancrenon falls in the Mbere division 180 kms from Meiganga
Rondini falls near Belel
The Springs of Djerem
The Kondini falls close to Belel
The Caves of Mboula