Adana is the capital of Adana Province in Turkey. The city administrates two districts, Seyhan and Yuregir. It is the fifth most populous city of Turkey.


One of the largest and most dynamic cities in Turkey and situated thirty kilometers inland, Adana is the gateway to the Cilician plain, now known as the Cukurova plain, the large stretch of flat and fertile land which lies to the south-east of the Taurus Mountains. This is possibly the most productive area in this part of the world.


Stone Bridge, built in part during the 6th-century reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I, the oldest extant bridge in the world which is still in use.

Yilanli Kale The ruins of a castle dating from 782.

Buyuk Saat (The Great Clock), a large clock tower, was built by the local governor of Adana in 1882. Unfortunately, it was damaged during the French occupation but it was rebuilt in 1935, and its image can be found in the city’s coat of arms. There are many historical buildings and tombs of local governors next to the Buyuk Saat.

Bebekli Kilise (Church of Babies) is an old Catholic church located in the city center. There are many historic houses in the street where the church is located.

Adana Museum, Adana Etnography Museum, Adana Archaeological Museum, Misis Mosaic Museum are also attraction for visitors.

There are some Hammams (Royal Bathrooms) also which could be attract tourists because of there architecture, these are : Irmak Hammam, Mestenzade Hammam, Yeni Hammam.

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