Aden is the old capital of south Yemen. It is still one of the most modern cities in the world, it is a busy port and more open to external influences than the rest of the country.
The oldest part of the city is known as the Crater, since it lies in the crater of an extinct volcano. Here you find most of the old buildings in Aden. An interesting site is the Aden Tanks, man-made reservoirs, partly cut out of the rock, with a storage capacity of 50 million liters. When it rains, the upper basins fill up first and then overflow into the lower basins.

To see the traditional boats head to the Maallah district.

For beaches head south of Aden, to a town called Little Aden, also located in the crater of an extinct volcano; this is an area of small fishing villages in sheltered bays, with several superb beaches fringing the Indian Ocean.