Adventure and Recreation in Malaysia

With the first human footstep in Antarctica, the good old days of discovering new territory may be over; but the human craving for adventure never dies down. In fact adventure tourism is the in-thing now and very much in vogue all over the world. People simply love the adrenaline rush that can only be experienced first hand in such adventure rides. Malaysia is steadily becoming a favorite among the adventure seekers. With abundant scopes for surfing, scuba diving, boating, caving among a host of other activities, Malaysia now tops the list of destinations for the adventure and recreation seekers.

If you have ever fancied of rafting in a treacherous river, then gear up for an experience of your lifetime in the Padas River. Flowing from the interior of southwestern part of Kota Kinabalu, only 9 km out of the total length of 200 km is accessible by boat. However there are 7 exciting and moderate to very tough rapids within this 9 km stretch of the river. Experience this adventurous ride under guidance of professionals.

Malaysia has several islands. The crystal clear blue waters of these islands are ideal for scuba diving. Helped by professionals, your dive will open up a never before seen world where the sea teems with colorful marine animals. The Malaysian island state-Sabah has numerous scuba drive resorts. If you are an adventure lover, then Malaysia is the place for you.

Rainforests like Belum, Mount Kinabalu National Park etc are ideal for jungle trekking in Malaysia. These forests are home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna. A walk along the trails through the sea of greenery is what you should try out. The Gunung Mulu National Park at Sarawak is however the ultimate challenge for the adventure crazy people. The steep rugged slopes of the mountain offer a challenge to every adventure junky visiting Malaysia.

Caves are probably the only thing left to be explored. Every adventure seekers dream, the mountains of Malaysia has many unexplored deep caves. Located on the Gunung Stong mountain, Gua Ikan is one such cave. You should try out caving only if you are not uncomfortable with the feeling of claustrophobia. The caves nonetheless are a huge aphrodisiac for the hardcore adventure and recreation seekers.

Malaysia also offers some international quality golf courses. The famous golf courses at Dersaru in Johor, Malaysia are frequented by recreation seekers.

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