Adventure Tours in Brazil

Adventure Tours in Brazil take in a plethora of options that acquaint you with the diverse ecology of the place. Brazil Adventure Tours also incorporate adventure sports such as kayaking, skydiving, paragliding, kite-surfing, hang gliding, rock climbing, windsurfing, scuba diving and mountain-biking. Adventure Tours in Brazil thus promise you a lot of fun as well as adrenalin pumping thrill. There are a number of adventure sports centers offering instruction, training and lessons.

There is ample scope for Brazil Adventure Tourism, given the middle west of the Brazil schildes, the tropical north Amazon basin, and the coastal region in the southeast and the Pantanal area in the south. Adventure Tours in Brazil take in an exploration of the flora and fauna. The diversity of species of this mesmerizing country is astounding. The wealth of the amphibians, primates, and plant types is breathtaking. There is an overwhelming variety of innumerable birds, butterflies and reptile species for you to see.

Adventure Tours in Brazil comprise an integral part of Brazil Tourism. The Amazon is inhabited by gigantic water lilies and the pink river dolphins. Wander through infinite woodlands, which accommodate more plant and animal species than any other of its kind on this planet. In fact, the Amazon Basin is so ecologically rich that the tours are scientifically enriching at the same time.Manaus is an interesting place that should not be given a miss. On the left bank of the Rio Negro River, 18 kms the claylike Rio Solimoes River, is Manaus – the Jungle Metropolis. Situated at the confluence of both the rivers, the chief attractions here are Opera House with its delicate fountain, and a splendid neo classical building. Porto Flutuante is the exotic swimming port of Manaus.

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