Adventure Tours in Malaysia

A land of incredible natural diversities, Malaysia is the home to steep and rugged mountain ranges, dense forests with rich variety of wildlife, vast expanse of coastlines and verdant plains. You can go for a myriad of Adventures Tours in Malaysia to discover the natural wonders lurking in different corners of the country. Adventures Tours in Malaysia comprise a variety of water sports like swimming, sailing, surfing, trekking the rocky and uneven slopes of the mountains, rock climbing, mountain biking, para gliding from the parachutes, golfing, wildlife safari including exploration of the caves.

Adventure Tours in Malaysia comprise of trekking in the mountains, surmounting their steep slopes, overcoming the rocks and the boulders on the way. You can also indulge in paragliding in Malaysia too. Mountain biking and automobile racing on the streets of Malaysia are popular adventurous sports. These tours will add thrill to your Malaysia travel. Some of the scenic sights that you witness will be memories for a life time.

Jungle trips are also a common Adventure Tours in Malaysia. The caves in the jungles are one of the most attractive tourist spots. You will also encounter different wild animals like elephants and panthers and birds on such trips. The jungles of Malaysia are paradise for the bird watchers and you will see different birds of rare species in the jungles of Malaysia.
Adventure Tours in Malaysia provide you nice opportunity to explore and capture the picturesque landscapes in photos. Malaysia is also land of rare ferns, creepers, amazing orchids, and hibiscus.

For rock climbing you can go to Batu Caves, Bukit Takun, Penang Islands, Kelantan, Perlis, Ipoh and Perak. For trekking Taman Negara National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak Chamber, Clearwater Cave, Kelabit Highlands and Kinabalu National Park are ideal. Adventure racing including running, biking, orienteering, kayaking and technical ropes sections is very common in Malaysia. You can also indulge in traditional sports like Gasing-Top Spinning or Main Gasing, Wau-Kite Flying and Sepak Takraw.