Advice For Hungary Travel Or Vacations

Eastern and Central Europe is a very popular tourist destination these days as facilities have improved for visitors. There are many reasons to visit, including fascinating history and culture, friendly people, scenic countryside and vibrant cities. Hungary travel offers all of these elements in abundance with the added extra of a great cuisine. There is nothing to beat listening to the sound of an accordion in a local café and tucking into a goulash or stew, followed by a delicious pastry. The summer has a very pleasant climate to enjoy it all in.

The capital city of Budapest is an essential part of the itinerary on Hungary travel plans. The architecture is outstanding, particularly the Gothic Parliament Building, the State Opera House and Buda Castle. Other highlights include strolling through the Japanese Garden and exploring the National Gallery. There is also family fun at the Amusement Park. The Danube Promenade is a walk on the banks of the Danube with panoramic viewpoints along the way, especially beautiful at night when the buildings are illuminated.

There is a Unesco World Heritage Site at an old village called Holloko, surrounded by the Cserhat Mountains. Here is an opportunity through Hungary travel to immerse oneself in the traditions of past times. The village culture is celebrated at the local museum, doll museum and exhibition of woodcarvings. A large castle dominates the landscape.

For lovers of outdoor pursuits, there is plenty to do at Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. Visitors can swim, go fishing or indulge in water sports. Hikers enjoy the surrounding countryside and there are wineries that are open to the public on the north coast. Nightlife is also on offer, on the southern shore. Winter receives its fair share of tourists too, who like to ice fish or, conditions permitting, skate or sledge.

The Matra Mountains contain the highest peaks in the country. The area has picturesque hilly terrain and there are good rail connections to make Hungary travel easy here. Another World Heritage Site is located here, at Aggtelek village. This is the site of an ancient settlement and the local caverns have spectacular stalactites.

The markets are a good source of souvenirs for shopping for gifts to take home to family and friends. There are hand painted beer steins, drinking flasks, dolls dressed in traditional costume, gypsy fortune telling cards and embroidered hand sown lace.