The Village of Agropoli is the perfect spot to discover the Campania region and bears witness of the presence of ancient Greek settlers, who built the temple of Artemis on the promontory. The following settlers where the Romans. The Byzantines made it a safe landing place, fortifying it and giving it the name Acropolis from the old Greek language: acro and polis / high and town In 882 a.d. the town fell under Saracen control which lasted until 915 a.d. when it came under the rule of the church which laster until the century. Various noble families controlled Agropoli straight after the rule of the church. In the 16th and 17th century Agropoli and its inhabitants became particularly the target of barbarian invasions and its population fell to just a hundred souls, mostly women and children. Today Agropoli is the main gate to the Cilento Coast and its National Park which is considered a World Heritage Site under the control and protection of the UNESCO. Agropoli counts nearly 25 thousand inhabitants and has plenty of clean sand beaches and loads of history around worth your visit.

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