Ahaggar National Park

Ahaggar National Park is one of the popular national parks in the country includes the Ahaggar Mountains, which is also nicknamed as the Hoggar. The mountains are the highland regions in central Sahara or southern Algeria.The region is largely rocky desert with an average altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level. The highest peak of the mountains is at 3,003 meters The Assekrem is a famous spot in the region.

Ahaggar National Park, is a prime tourist destination in Algeria and is flocked by both the domestic and interntional tourists. The Ahaggar is the land of the Tuaregs or Kel Ahaggar and the tomb of Tin Hinan, the god believed to be the ancestor of the Tuareg is located at this place.

The main attraction to these Algerian mountains is Assekrem, the place where le Pere de Foulcault resided in the year 1905.

Visit this place of prime importance with your whole family and enjoy a whole day out exploring the nearby attractions. The Ahaggar National Park in Algeria is indeed a paradise for the city stressed travelers looking for a place where they can rejuvenate their souls and relax.

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