Aileu is a wonderful region in the land of East Timor. This is situated in the northwestern end of the country. This is a landlocked area in the country. The regions of Ermera, Dili, Manatuto, Manufahi, Ermera, Liquica and Ainaro surround this picturesque land. This region was initially a part of Dili but was divided in the last few years of the Portuguese administration. You must definitely visit Aileu while you are on a trip to this region.

It was in Aileu in the early years of the 16th century that the Portuguese started business with Timor. After a few years they colonized the region. There were many fights with the Dutch regarding the land of Timor.


Aileu is a wonderful tourist site. There are a plethora of tourist destinations that are scattered throughout the town. There are wonderful natural surroundings in the area. There are rolling hills where you can enjoy trekking. You would also be able to sight some of the most beautiful flora and fauna while you are in the region. You can also go to the historical structures that dot the town. You would be acquainted with the history and culture of the region when you explore these places.

There are some of the best restaurants that are situated in the town. There are a wide variety of delicious dishes that are available in the many eateries that dot the town. Some of the best regional and international cuisines are served in the restaurants. You can also go for shopping at many of the shopping centers in the town. You are sure to have a great time while you are here.