Along the coast, after Ceriale we find Albenga. The town is one of the most interesting in Liguria and for some historical aspects is second only to Genoa. The town dates back to Roman origins and settlement can be seen in the remains of suburban villas along the route of the ancient Via Julia Augusta, and the ruins of the baths, an aqueduct, the amphitheater and a number of tombs, including the so-called Pilone. Albenga’s center has retained its compact medieval structure. The center is Piazza San Michele, where you find the cathedral, considered one of the finest late Gothic monuments in Liguria. The interior of the church, which has been restored to its medieval appearance, houses frescoes by Carrega, a panel painted by Pancalino in 1520 and a fifteenth-century Pentecost, in addition to the monumental nineteenth-century Serassi organ. A few meters away stands the baptistery, which has remained practically intact since the fifth century, and the medieval complex of the Palazzo Vecchio del Comune (Old City Hall).
Other interesting things can be seen in Piazza Girolamo Rossi, with its intact example of a fourteenth-century house, and on Via Bernardo Ricci which retains much of its original appearance. A visit to the museums of Albenga also provides the opportunity to explore: the Palazzo Vecchio and the decorated rooms of Palazzo Peloso Cepolla, formerly the archbishop’s palace. The main water corse is river Centa (3 km long) formed by four smaller ones : Neva, Lerrone, and the ones coming from the related Arroscia valley and Pennavaire valley, here is the now renown Colletta cyber village. Its Piana is the most fertile land in Liguria for vegetable products, herbs and high-value early produce, using advanced farming methods and exported all over Italy and the world. The town has an interesting beach and an interesting system of walking path as for example the above said Via Julia Augusta around it. Also an important pilgrim’s passage way passed over here which is The Via Julia, an ancient roman road and now a nice walk to see the town from above.

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