Almada is a city and a municipality in Portugal. The city of Almada is the seat of the municipality. Small, but densely populated, the municipality is limited from the east by Seixal and from the south by Sesimbra. Almada is a coastal municipality, bordering with the Atlantic Ocean. Cacilhas is the main port with ferry boat connections with Lisbon;Pragal is the parish with the Christ King Monument.


Cristo-Rei: It is a Catholic monument overlooking Lisbon, capital of Portugal.It was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and inaugurated on May 17, 1959. The monument was built on the left-bank of the Tagus river, facing Lisbon on the other bank. The base of the monument, by architect Antonio Lino, is in the form of a gate, standing 75 m (246 ft) tall. At the top is a statue of Christ the Redeemer, designed by sculptor Francisco Franco de Sousa, 28 m (92 ft)-tall.At the base of the statue is an observation deck (altitude: 184 m / 604 ft) providing panoramic views of Lisbon and of the 25 de Abril Bridge, which is located to its immediate left.

The beautiful Bridge 25 de Abril spans above the Tejo river, the major river in the Iberian Peninsula.Between Almada and Lisboa this bridge,one of the largest in Europe,links Greater Lisbon and the Setubal Peninsula,by motor vehicle and by train as well.