Altai is a region of southern Russia which borders Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. Accessible only from Barnaul in Siberia or nearby Biysk, it is famous for it’s mountains and rivers which provide hiking and adventure sport opportunities.

Historically, Altai offers the chance to see ancient kurgans and the land of tattooed mummies: some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in Russia. Today, Altai is sparcely populated with a large number of the local peoples living in villages along the Chyusky Trakt.


The main method of travel around Altai is the Chyusky Trakt – a road which cuts a swaythe through the centre of the area, winding precariously around hills and mountains at several points. Some small roads can be found in the west towards Mount Belukha (4506m) and in the north east around Lake Teletskoye. Beyond this, the numerous rivers often provide a lifeline to the people who live alongside it. The most well known routes for white water rafting include the Katun and Chuya rivers.