Altay Prefecture

Altay Prefecture lies in the northernmost part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, bordering on Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia. The prefecture has four trading ports and nine roads, and the Ertix River runs through the prefecture.

Altay Mountain has been a producer of gold since ancient times, and 84 other ferrous and non-ferrous minerals have been found in Altay Prefecture. There are 56 rivers, large and small, that join to become the Ertix. The landscape around Hanas Lake can match that of Switzerland, and the lake area is now a national nature reserve.

Altay Prefecture is also known for its cultural relics. Pictures on the rock faces, color paintings on the walls of the caves, and carved figures form an art gallery in the six counties and one city under the jurisdiction of the prefecture.

Fuyun County, the first stop on National Highway 216 in Altay Prefecture, is the No. 1 gold producer in China. The county is also famous near and far for non-ferrous metals, some of them rare, and abundant gemstones.

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