Amersfoort is one of The Netherlands best kept secrets. It’s a cute little town some half hour by train from Amsterdam, and only 10 minutes from Utrecht.
Amersfoort has a nice historic centre, where the network of streets and canals is much like it was in the Middle Ages. Compared to Amsterdam the canals are small quiet and intimate, and bordered by some lovely gardens. A single big Tower (Lange Jan / Tall John) standing on the market square is the real focal point of the city. The Joriskerk on the Hof is worth a visit as well. Amersfoort is actually one of the few Dutch cities that has nice squares. These are best enjoyed during the Amersfoort Jazz festival when there are bands playing in all of the medieval centre.

On the outer ring of canals around the old city you find Muurhuizen, with very nice mansions and old monasteries. It is very pleasant to walk around these center or visit the nearby castle and local museums. Another nice thing to do is to take a boat trip on the canals.

One of the key attractions is the Mondriaan-huis, former home of the famous Dutch painter. The much less famous modern painter Armando also has a museum dedicated to his person.

For hard core feminists a pilgrimage to see Amersfoorts famous traffic lights is necessary. The only traffic lights I know of in the whole world that show a woman crossing the street (or waiting to cross).