An Insight Into Norway

Well, Norway is a very fascinating and gorgeous place which is considered a Scandinavian country being positioned in Northern Europe. So, over here you will come across a short passage of information which will be helpful should you wish to plan a trip or simply just learn more about the country!

Well, Norway is country which is almost covered with a large region of mainland and is associated with island territories. Well, are you aware about its official name? The authorized name of Norway is as the Kingdom of Norway. The total mass area covered by Norway is about approximately 150,000 square miles. Well, If you make a comparison between New Mexico which is present in The United States and Norway than you will find that Norway is some what larger than New Mexico in The United States.

The population of country varies according to the particular city, the highest population calculated in The Kingdom of Norway is at Oslo and which is capital city of the country. Oslo contains population of round figure about 520,000 residents in the city. The other main cities in The Kingdom of Norway are Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, and the population density differs accordingly: Well, Bergen is one of the major cities present in Norway and it has just little less than a quarter million resident houses, next, is Trondheim which has a population of 150,000 and other big city is Stavanger which has approximate figure of 110,000 resident houses.

The topography of Norway consists of high plateaus, even the country has steep fjords, it has high mountains with productive (fertile) valleys all over the country. Well, the type of weather observed over here, is moderate (mild) by the side of coastline, but very cold inland. Well, Norway experiences long days in months of summer and similarly long nights through out months of winter. Through out summers, daylight is present almost till mid-nights.

The total population in The Kingdom of Norway is estimated to be about 4,593,000. Norway’s citizens are called Norwegians. The expansion of population in Norway, is at the rate of 0.41 percent.

The majority of the people present in Norway are mix of three main ethnicities, Nordic, Alpine and Baltic. They got internally mixed with each other as the time passed. Immigrants in year 2005 in Norway were almost a third of a million.