Anatakitaki Cave in Atiu of Cook Islands One of the Best Option

Anatakitaki Cave in Atiu is one of the best options for a guided tour. You can look forward to have lots of action and thrill as you go for the challenging thirty-minute walk through the verdant green of Atiu’s Makatea or the fossilized raised coral reef.If you have an interest in myths, legends and fairy tales, then you will find here plenty of reasons which are sure to intrigue you. Listen to your guide as he narrates to you the fascinating legend of Inutoto and Tangaroa which was spun around the caves during the ancient times. Also, you will know a lot about the plant and animal life in the rain forest surroundings, their habitats, properties and more.

Visit the three cave chambers at Anatakitaki Cave in Atiu. You can also enjoy a candlelit swim in the freshwater cave. You can also go for visiting the Tumunu which is an extra option. Visiting the Anatakitaki Cave, Atiu will give you the never before opportunity to experience the beautiful history and culture of the Atiuans. You can also plan for an exotic tropical lunch. Apart from the Anatakitaki Cave, Atiu, you can also visit the other Tourist Attractions in Atiu like the Raka’s Caves which was once the home of the Rakanui family.

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