Anchorage is located in South-Central Alaska. Yes, Anchorage is FAR away from a lot of places 2,463 road miles from Seattle (but only 1,448 air miles), 3,608 miles from Los Angeles, 4,499 miles from New York City and 5,074 miles from Miami.

Anchorage is situated between the Cook Inlet to the West, The Chugach Mountains to the East and Mt. McKinley approximately 130 air miles to the North (which can be seen through the clear Alaska sky from Anchorage).

The Municipal boundaries take up about 2,000 square miles, although most of that is the Chugach National Forest.

The 2004 population is about 279,000, an increase of more than 20 percent since 1990 2/5th of the ENTIRE population of Alaska, making it the largest city in the state. Nearby Mat-Su Valley (Wasilla and Palmer) adds 78,000 more residents.

Anchorage is where my 3 children and I made our home for three years. Anchorage has just about every organized sport you could possibly want. Anchorage has everything from basketball, baseball and softball to broomball, football and rugby to soccer, hockey and volleyball.

Outdoor sports are popular activities for most Anchorage residents. There are many miles of trails for walking, hiking and biking. There are also many parks, recreation/community centers and places for children as well as adults to have fun and enjoy themselves. There are even three downhill ski areas within the city.

There is something for everyone.

For those of you interested in staying in Anchorage to continue your education, Anchorage boasts two large universities: Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska, Anchorage.