Ancona is located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. Its characteristic aspect is the mountain chain which, from the Appennines summits, descends gracefully to the beach. The climate is ideal thanks to the ever present breeze from the sea. In this area we can find urban and medieval buildings, architecture from each epoch, and prestigious art collections. Ancona is a city of art with magnificent views of the beach. Above all, the province of Ancona offers the tourist a stupendous seaside, sandy and rocky from Senigallia to the Conero Riviera kilometers and kilometers of beach for a serene and fun filled holiday. There are many moderately priced efficient and modern facilities Ancona’s cuisine consists of simple dishes which entrust their good taste to the ingredients’ basicness and freshness more than to their complicated elaboration.
As far as wines are concerned, there is the famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Light in colour, sparkling. and just a little bitter.It is an excellent wine for fish or roast meets. The other vintage wine of the province of Ancona is suggested Rosso Conero.