Angling in Uttarakhand

Uttaranchal is an angler’s paradise. There are immense angling opportunities for those looking forward to fishing in freshwater lakes and streams around. Brown and Rainbow trout are found in large numbers in Dodital, a beautiful alpine lake perched at an altitude of 10,850 feet in the mountains. Fishing in the Dodital will cost you around Rs. 150. Sat tal is another lake for fishing in the Kumaon region and one can find Mahseer and Rohu in abundance here. There is also plenty of trout in the Tons River. Mahseer and Trout fishing has also delighted a number of tourists over generations.

Surrounded by rivers like Ramganga, Kosi, Sonanadi, etc, which are full of fishes, fishing and angling have become one of the leading attractions of Jim Corbett National Park also. In these rivers Mahseer is the most available fish, but you can also find fishes like the Goonch, Indian Trout, and Kalabassu. In Jim Corbett National Park, open fishing and angling is allowed in only few areas like Bhikiasen and Pancheshwar. You need special permission from the Corbett authorities for fishing and angling in the above mentioned areas.

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