Anjuna is one of the most popular beach resorts. All night long, beach parties with trance music attract a versatile crowd with people from all over the planet. The Goa party season is generally over Christmas-New Year, when outdoor parties are held every other night at locations such as Hilltop,(Vagator), Bamboo forest and Shiva temple,(Anjuna). To find out where the party is you need to ask around- most taxi driver’s will be able to tell you. During the day the beaches are a great place to relax, and there is usually a spot to find that suits your taste. For those who like the party-come-circus vibe, then there is South Anjuna, where people can lie and sip lemon nana or cold beers whilst getting a relaxing massage and zoning out to the trance music. There are various touts selling their fruit, massages and even gymnastic routines. If you are not interested, a polite no thanks is all that is needed, and if you want some peace and quiet, then stay at the Anjuna end of the beach. The Wednesday flea market is a good reason to leave the beach for a while and to look around in the town. The best time to go is very early, so either you are still awake or you have to get up at 7:00 for a change.The Albuqurque Mansion is also worth a visit. It was built in the 1920s and modeled after the palace of the Sultan of Zanzibar.