Ankasa National Park

Ankasa National Park and Old Ankasa are situated near the Ivorian border, these two places are worth a visit. The National Park is a 500 tropical rainforest area and the village is located on the border of the National Park.

The people of Old Ankasa provide there needs with small scale farming, hunting, collecting forest products and even tourism. You can reach Ankasa National Park by road Elubo-Takoradi, get of at Sunkwa where you can see the Ankasa sign along the road. From there on it is a 6km. walk, or you can try to catch a ride.When you choose to walk, you’ll come across several little bush-settlements. The most fascinating one is Old Ankasa, as they call it over there. Here you can find several local specialties, such as:

-Palm wine
-Palm liquor
-Tropical fruits

This place is a perfect stopover, after an exhausting hike. The locals show you around the village and tell you about their way of life, when they stop at their home for a drink. Don’t forget that you still have to walk several kms before you reach base camp in Ankasa National Park.Otherwise you’ll have to spend the night over there.

The Frenchman is the perfect place to spend the night in Old Ankasa. Situated on a hilltop, this place offers you beautiful views and a cool breeze at night. Just ask for the Frenchman and they’ll bring you to his place, if he didn’t find you before. Once inside the Ankasa National Park, the adventure can begin. The main activities in the park are hiking and animal spotting. The officials of the Wildlife Division can help you satisfy you needs.

-Swamp forests
-Bamboo cathedrals
-Antelopes and so on.

Youll find it all in Ankasa National Park.

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