The picturesque Annecy, known for its castle that dominates the town, is located at the northern top of Lake Annecy and surrounded by snow-topped mountains. The town often serves as a welcome stop before hiking or skiing activities in the nearby Mont Blanc area or travels to Swiss or Italy. The castle, with its several towers, is a reminder of the glorious structure the military fort must have had when it was constructed in the eleventh century by the Prince of Savoy. Downtown Annecy and the Lake are connected by a canal that winds through the cobbled streets with the red-roofed houses. The terraces are there, the Bridge of the Lovers, the setting sun…. no wonder they call it the Venice of the North.

In the old part of the town, you can explore the inner yards of the castle as well as the old prisons dating from the Middle Ages. Modern shops have found their way to the city (and offer excellent possibilities to hire gear when you want to indulge in any sorts of (water)sports) as well as plenty off restaurants, cafes and big companies such as Alcatel Vacuum Technology, Salomon and Dassault. You can either opt for a hotel in town or for one of the holiday resorts along the lake.

The traditional Old Town festival takes place in July and is followed quite soon by the preparations for the famous Lake Festival that takes place every August. Annecy is also the location where the annual Animated Film Festival takes place.