Anton Valley

The Anton Valley (El Valle) is located within the crater of the second largest inhabited dormant volcano in the world. It is a popular destination for city people and tourists due to its proximity to Panama city. The cooler climate is a pleasant change from the heat and humidity of the city.

The region is great for hiking, cycling, dirt road bikers and for nature lovers. One of the highlights of the valley are the square trees. They are found in the foothills of Cerro Gaital behind the Hotel Campestre. Canopy tours, hot water pools, and the beautiful endemic golden frogs are other highlights.

During Saturdays and Sundays the local marketplace near the Catholic Church is bustling with local farmers selling their produce and and artisans selling art crafts. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, legumes, flowers, hand-woven molas, stone sculptures, wood work, native Indian crafts, jewelry….

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