Apam is a city on the coast. Its one of the important fishing towns along the coast of Ghana. The town is the capital of the Gomoa district and has rich historic fort located on top of the mountain which can be seen from a distance, sacried lake mpbrobame , asafo number 1&2 companys that entertain during festive occasion and lagoons. The asafo used to be the warriors of the town which is lead by their asafohene. The entrance to the main center of the town is the greeting from the huge 4storey asafo # 1 building which is a huge artifact in the town followed by the one of asafo #2. The town is shielded on the north side by the mountains and behind that lies the Atlantic ocean. Its a perfect view to watch the Atlantic ocean, with rich rocks. The town is also accomplished with a salt making industry and a secondary and St. Monica’s vocational school and a beautiful beach for swimmers. The town has untapped historic sites and the people are just amazing to hand around with. The evening in the town is posed with diverse activities tanging with funerals, dance, and small beach gathering get together. There always an opportunity to eat rich and fresh fish and seafood at an affordable price and the favorite local item with fresh fried fish and pepper.