Architecture in Turkey

Turkey includes places like St Sophia, Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Place which are steeped in history. Check out the excavation sites like Ankara and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the Hittite Sites in Cappadocia. It will be an absolute sin to miss the remnants of Troy. If you are an art lover and are keen to discover the secret delights of Turkey then you can start your archaeological tours from the coastal region of Black Sea and the eastern portion of Turkey.
In this region you can check out the Armenian City of 1001 Churches, the Palace of Ishak Pasa. Some of the sights which will capture the attention of the travelers are the sites of Hattusas and Alacahoyuk which are seats for ancient civilization. The sphinxes at the Alaca Hoyuk, the Lion Gate will remind you of the glories of the ancient civilization. The rock formations of Yazilikaya are simply superb and are a treat for the travelers who are part of the adventure tours in Turkey.
Further journey will reveal the delights of Cappadocia and you will be amazed at the mysterious beauty of the underground cities which have been excavated and are connected through long tunnels. All these have been excavated intact and are a delight for the archeologists who are still discovering the beauties of a world which has remained shrouded in mystery for a long time. You will be simply mesmerized with Ozkaynak and Kaymakl. Goreme is another place which will delight the visitors.
This open-air museum is a treasure-house for rock formations which belongs to 4th century. Some of them are known as the finest specimens of rock chapels and rock churches. Zelve Valley is a natural formation which has taken the shape of an amphitheatre. Among the other places which you can visit during the art and archaeological tours in Turkey are Karatepe, Gaziantep and Malatya. All these places have been extremely important for the Hittite reign and retain the flavors of the past in its original glory.

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