Arizona is located in the South West of the United States. It is a landlocked state and for a large part covered by desert. These deserts are one of the main attractions.

Phoenix the capital is an easy going city and a good base for exploring the rest of the state. Arizona is still associated very much with the spirit of the wild west. For anyone interest in the the 1880s, when gunfighters stalked throughout southern Arizona, a visit to Tombstone is a must. The Grand Canyon national park is located in the North of Arizona, it is without a doubt the most visited attraction of the state.

A must see for all visitors to the Southwest; which was rated the Most Beautiful Place in America, is none-other than the enchanted land of Sedona.

Navajo National Monument offers a unique insight in the precolumbian cultures of this region. The houses the cliff dwellers made here are truly impressive.

Sierra Vista is a cracked out little town south of Tucson by about 70 miles. It’s full of weirdos and bizzaro people. A new come luminary is BibleMan, aka Bible-Biker. He’s an elderly bum who rides a bicycle covered in buckets scrawled with jesus things. He is frequently spotted in front of the Jack In The Box restaurant on Fry Blvd, barking at passing traffic and carrying a child-sized acoustic guitar.

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