Arkansas is the Natural State. It offers great outdoor vacation opportunities to any traveler who wants to take the path less followed. Arkansas’s 50 state parks provide some of the best outdoor experiences in the country. From mountaintop hideaways with cloud-capped lodges to lakeshore cabins with cozy fireplaces to riverside campsites along the famous White River, you’ll find it all in Arkansas.

Other adventurous things to do in Arkansas include rafting down the Buffalo River, swamp tours, a museum village recreating life in frontier Arkansas, a diamond mine where you’ll search for finders keepers gems, prehistoric Native American mounds, world and many others.

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It is a nice old town of about 500,000. However, the most popular tourist spot in Arkansas is Hotsprings with bath houses, great hotels, beautiful lakes, and a national park. Entrepreneurs who dream of building a retail empire like Sam Walton did might find great inspiration in Bentonville, world headquarters of Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer.

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