Arnhem is a city and municipality, situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It’s the capital of the province of Gelderland and located near the river Lower Rhine as well as near the St. Jansbeek, which was the source of the city’s development.


The Groote Kerk (St. Eusebius), built 14521560, lost most of its tower during World War II, of which a part has been reconstructed to a modern design and opened in 1964. Officially the tower is not part of the church and is owned by the municipality.

The National Heritage Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum) is located outside the city. It is an open air museum and park with antique houses, farms, and factories from different parts of the Netherlands.

Take a look at Burger’s Zoo as well. This petting zoo is located on the same street as Arnhem’s most famous Museums.

Arnhem rates a half-day visit when you want to enjoy the sights near the center but add more time if you want to see the Airborne Museum in nearby Grote Hartensteyn or medieval Doorwerth Castle. Art lovers will want to visit Otterloo and its collection of van Goghs at the Kroller Muller Museum. When you’re planning to stay the night in Arnhem it’s real good fun to stroll the lively squares, especially the Hotspots full of bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and big discos

The Korenmarkt is the nightlife area. On this square and surrounding streets lie clubs, bars and a movie theater. It’s a very popular area for the residents and visitors. In summer it’s filled with tables and chairs from all the bars and a lot of people can be found here sitting in the sun and enjoying a drink..