Art and Crafts in Kuwait

Art and Crafts in Kuwait is famous all over the world and enriches the culture in Kuwait further more. The Kuwaiti drama troupes have won numerous prizes and have been highly acclaimed all over the world. Some of the popular theaters in Kuwait are the Gulf Theater, the Popular Theater, and the Kuwaiti Theater. In order boost the arts and crafts at Kuwait the Ministry of Information in 1973 established the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts to encourage the budding future artists in the field of theatrical arts and ethics, and to promote widespread theatrical appreciation and awareness. Another important institute which gives much boost to the art and craft of Kuwait is the Bayt Lothan in Kuwait.
Music and dance in Kuwait has created a special and important niche for it in the arts and crafts in Kuwait. Kuwait music reflects the diverge inheritance of Kuwait which includes influences of East Africa and Indian music resulting to a rich and melodious Kuwaiti music. The traditional musical instruments used in Kuwait includes the single-string ‘Rubabah’, ‘Oud’ which is a lute, ‘Al-mirwas’ which are small drums ‘Al-habban’ which is a bagpipe and ‘Al-tanbarah’ which is a type of string instrument. Traditional dance form an important part of weddings and celebrations in this country. The Ardah dance is performed by men folks at feasts and the women perform the traditional Samiri , Fraisah, Al Zifan, Khamari, and Tanboura forms of dances. Arts and crafts in Kuwait flaunt diversity as well as dazzle you with their magnificence.