Art and Crafts of Maharashtra

From handloom weavers who create intricate patterns in silks and cottons to leather workers who make the comfortable and ubiquitous ‘kohlapuri’ slippers, Maharashtra has many crafts to tempt visitors. The exquisite gold brocade and silk ‘Paithani” sarees made in the village of Paithan in Aurangabad, take the weaver years to make and cost a minor fortune but are treasured heirlooms. Aurangabad is also the home of silk and cotton woven textiles made into beautiful shawls, stoles and bedcovers.

Pune, Sholapur and Kohlapur are places where the traditional nine-yard sarees worn by the local women, are made and can be bought in either silk or cotton. Local fruit produce is converted into preserves, jams, jellies, squashes and fruit crushes; highly prized are different kinds of honey from Mahabaleshwar. The abundance of sugarcane in the state is transformed into top quality jaggery and jaggery based sweets like peanut and dry fruit ‘chikkis’ or pralines. Maharashtra is also home to craftsmen who handcraft a wide variety of ceramics, textiles, home furnishings and traditional Indian string musical instruments like the sitar and tanpura.

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