Arta is a city with a rich history in north-western Greece, capital of the Arta Prefecture which is part of the Epirus province.The city was known in ancient times as Amvrakia. Arta is famous for its Byzantine churches and its old bridge.


Arta is known for its ancient sites from the era of Pyrrhus of Epirus and its 13th century old castle, one of the best preserved in Greece. Arta’s rich Byzantine history can be also traced today via its many Byzantine churches; perhaps best known is the church of the Panaya Parigortissa (Mother of God the Swiftly Consoling), built about 1290 by Despot Nikephoros. The castle of Arta was built by Michael II Komnenos Doukas in the middle of 13th century. It is representative of Byzantine architecture and is well preserved.

The modern city has been built on the ancient Amvrakia. Remains of the classic era include the ancient walls of Amvrakia, the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo, the small theatre of Amvrakia and remnants of the southwest cemetery of Amvrakia.

There are some museums also: Museum of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Arta, Folk museum ‘Skoufas’, Historical museum ‘Skoufas’, Archaeological museum of Koronisia.

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