Arts and Crafts in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the world’s richest arenas for nurturing arts and crafts. With influences from colonial arts, the indigenous school of Taiwanese art has evolved its distinctive style which has further been modified and developed by the contemporary trends. Taiwan has a profuse history of both visual and performing arts which have survived over the centuries to carve an exclusive niche for Taiwan in the realm of art.
Taiwanese art had once thrived in eleven different genres as cultivated by its eleven indigenous tribes. The distinct genres have now considerably mingled and molded with external influences. The most prominent arts of Taiwan today are woodcrafts, paper works, sculpting, etc. Given below are some of the facets of Taiwanese art:
Woodcarving and woodblock paintings of Taiwan are famous all across the globe. The wood works of the Paiwan and Rukai tribes of southern Taiwan are particularly renowned.
Puppetry: Puppetry in Taiwan comprises primarily of gloved puppets, shadow puppets and marionettes. Stories from classical and folk literature are adapted for the puppet shows, which stand as one of the most popular entertainments of the area.
Painting: Taiwanese painting had evolved down the centuries to incorporate a wide variety of styles and subjects in the 20th century. From the traditional ink paintings to the modern experimental ones, the paintings of Taiwan are a rich variety.
Ceramics: The ceramic art of Taiwan is a considerably modern development. While shapes and patterns were experimented with, Taiwan emerged as proficient in ceramic art as well.
Taiwan has a distinct style of performing arts. The traditional dance is an elegant performance accompanied by traditional wood and string instruments or traditional music.

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