Artvin is located on the eastern corner of the Turkish Black Sea, 100 km south of the coast line. The city is located on a big hill, all the roads make big bends to reach the city at the top, the elevation is more than 1000m and the view is excellent over looking the Coruh River and the Georgian Border.


When you are in the area make sure to visit Kafkasoren Yaylasi (Plateau) north of the city. Coruh is the wildest river in Turkey, the current is more 20km/hr in some places, located south of the city. It is like Colorada River in the States where one can make rafting trip in the summer time. The rafting can be done along the 260km long course. This river flows to Georgia and meets the Black Sea at Batumi. Two big dams are operational one is being constructed over the river by the Turkish States Water Works Department . 10 more dams are being planned on the river. If you travel SW of the area go to Yusufeli where there are lots of old churches in the area. Even you can go to Kackar Mountain, first go to Barhal and than hike to Kackar but only in the summer time and remember you need a tour guide to lead your way.

Another best place to visit is Karagol, 25 km NE of Borcka. It is best place to stay in the thick forests during summer times (June-October) where a pansion serves good and inexpensive accommodation also camping is available.


The way to get there is fly to Trabzon first and follow to coast line to Hopa and than turn south.


Summer time between June to October is best time to visit Artvin.

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