Attraction in Samoa

‘Upolu’s South Coast

As with all swimming in Samoa, be sure to ask locals first before diving in, and don’t be surprised if you’re asked to pay a ‘custom’ (a small fee for the use of a village’s resources).

There are a number of ways to get around the south coast region. You can catch a bus from Apia, but locations that might be close geographically can be miles away in terms of the driver’s ambitions for the day. Hiring a car is a reliable alternative even though petrol can sometimes be difficult to rustle up. Taxis will take you to most points of the island, but agree to a price before you set out. You can also cycle down the coast, which can be hard work in places, but is probably the most rewarding way.


The clock tower in the centre of town, a memorial to WWI casualties, is a landmark for all those trying to orient themselves in the town centre. Just west of it is the Flea Market, which has craft stalls selling everything from cheap clothing and siapo (dyed bark sheets) to ‘ava bowls and coconut-shell jewellery. Maketi Fou, a central market to the south, has a large selection of fresh produce at the lowest prices in the South Pacific. The Anglican church, although smaller than the Catholic church, has the most beautiful stained-glass windows, while at the Congregational Christian church are the clean-picked bones of the unfortunate Reverend John Williams.