This pretty mountain town is a hotspot for national tourism in Peru. Its main attraction is the Seor Cautivo de Ayabaca. This is the legendary patron saint of Ayabaca, possibly carved by angels. It is located in the beautiful church on the central square. The town itself has an age of over 200 years. Most houses are still build like they were back then, giving the town a traditional and relaxing atmosphere.

At an altitude of 2800 meter and at less then 500 kilometers from the equator, it has an excellent climate. At night it gets chilly though, and the combination of tropical sun and moderate climate makes for en excellent sun burn opportunity.

The town is located in the region of Piura , in the North West of Peru. Most people will enter leaving from the city of Piura , which makes for an excellent 5 hour trip through at least three completely different types of landscape and vegetation. The town can also be reached from Ecuador , and if you are willing to walk an hour or two, it is possible to cross to the other mountain town of Huancabamba .

Around town there are quite a few attractions. Closest by is the Cerro Yuntuma, an idyllic mountain peak with a splendid view over the whole area. A bit further from town, down the mountain but easily reachable by mototaxi is the Bosque de Cuyas, a partly virgin forest. It is home to some huge trees and a waterfall. A bit harder to reach are the Inca ruins of Aypate. The rarely visited Ceremonial Administrative Center is located about 40 km out of Ayabaca. The last part implies a twenty minute walk, partly on an ancient Inca Trail.