Ayvalik is a seaside town in the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. It is a district of the Balikesir Province. the name of the city comes from the old name Kidonia, quich means quince in Greek. In Turkish quince means Ayva. So today it’s called Ayvalik. The town is a popular North Aegean seaside resort and one of best in the Edremit Bay area. There are about 30 small islands near by in the Turkish and Greek waters. Ayvalik is the olive oil capital of the country.


Sarmisakli Beach is the best area to swim in Ayvalik, 10km south, where the sandy beach welcomes you. If you are there, make sure you go the Seytan Sofrasi (Devil’s Table), at the highest peak in Ayvalik and watch to sun sets overlooking the Agean sea and the islands where you enjoy the most. There is a restaurant at the top, the best way to sit there from sun set to midnight and enjoy the lights of the islands and other nearby towns and watch small boats and yachts in the harbor of Ayvalik.

Ayvalik has many old Ottoman and Greek houses, and orthodox churches now converted to mosques. Turkish tourists throng the many waterside open-air restaurants in summer, or take the ferry across/ take new open road to the bay to Alibey Island where there are even more good waterside restaurants and tavernas. Dining, relaxing, swimming and boating are the things to do in summer.


Ayvalik has an airport near by town, 50km North at Edremit where in the summer time daily planes serves from Istanbul.